Brain Regurgitations

Things fall out of my brain, and I pick them up and put them here.
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So check this out...

catgroovin is now following you. Sweet.

Welcome. I’m just so… sooooo happy… to have you…. I…

I can do this. Contain the happy, Cheeze.

Anywho, blankets are in the cupboard to your left, and the kitchen is through that door.

Don’t eat any food that has a label reading “koala” on it.

I just realized that I made a reference to a short-lived joke I made on my blog last summer. That got exactly 0 notes. Ugh, never mind.

***Anyone who actually knows what the hell I’m talking about when I talk about that koala gets 1,000 internets and a free internet hug. For super-cereals, you get a short video of me hugging either my webcam or an object of your choice.

But I am afraid to hug that koala.

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